The historic hill of Idanre is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria.Idanre Hill beauty which fires human curiosity is the fact that the entire people of Idanre lived on these boulders for almost a millennium.

Since emigration down hill in 1923, the topography, vegetation as well as the fauna and floral life have remained undistributed. However the festivals provides occasions for reconciliation of the low-landers and their natural environments as well as reenactments of historical episodes in local Idanre history and its wider Yoruba ideology, mythology and confederacy. Idanre Hills stands out well among all other places that have been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

At the entrance of the hill is a great tree called the IRAYE TREE. The hill is being used by filmmakers as location for many of their films. In addition, the one and only Noble Prize Winner for Literature in Africa Professor Wole Soyinka wrote his longest poem titled "Idanre".

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